The Dave Friedman Archive - The SHELBY Years

Dave Friedman was at the center of the automotive universe in the ’60s and photographed the creation of the most iconic race car in History—The Shelby Cobra. This unique archive is now back in the spotlight, and the images are as vivid and iconic today as they were when Carrol Shelby first saw them.

This collection represents some of the very best in collectible photography from his Shelby years. Each image was hand picked and approved by Dave to highlight the amazing stories behind how he captured the shot, including his personal experiences with the drivers and the Pit crew. Now his stories can be shared with these authentic original framed prints, including some rarely seen personal images from his archive.

Each of the images in The Dave Friedman Archive has been digitally remastered from Dave’s image collection in order to get the optimal quality for modern printing techniques. His archive contains many original papers, like his original rubber stamp photo credit and ephemera from his years working directly for Carroll Shelby.

This is your chance to own a piece of history direct from the original photographer who experienced this exhilarating time in American Motorsports.


Get your very own piece of racing history today!


The Prints

Highly detailed, brightly colored, fine art prints.

These prints are made from the artists original prints and negatives, digitally remastered and printed on metallic paper for its ability to create a bright color palette. It not only looks great, but is fade resistant for 200 years.

  • 200 year archival inks
  • Silver metallic paper
  • Digitally remastered and printed from the original archives
  • Calibrated for superior color fidelity

The Frames

Quality art deserves a quality frame. With the right frame, the piece can change from a cool thing on the wall to a masterpiece.

The most noticeable feature of a frame is its wood—like hand-painted, Italian wood looks real good.

Next, the glass. Except, not glass, because it breaks and it’s heavy. Acrylic Plexiglass is the choice alternative for its unbreakability, light weight, and clear transparency.

Finally, the assembly. This takes skilled craftsman using real wood glue, V-nail joinery, and their love for art.

The Framing Features:

  • Experienced Museum and Modern Art Framers
  • Hand Painted Italian Wood
  • Acrylite Unbreakable Plexiglass
  • Yaw Free Cornering
  • V-nail Joinery, Wood Glue

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